Time To Go To Work Again

After several weeks of getting caught up on being a parent and a husband it was time to head off to Tignes, France for Winter X Games Europe. Tignes reminds me of Telluride if it were picked up and transported 5,389 miles and dropped in the Southern Alps of France. One road in, one road out and with dramatic views in all directions. The cheese comes from the region and so does the wine. I’m still trying to figure out why I haven’t loaded up the family and moved to this wonderful corner of France.
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“Oh, Lily likes Beatles songs”

Watching John Bell and crew work out “Across The Universe” was a somewhat transcendental experience. You see, I’ve been a fan of Panic for over 20 years ever since I was introduced to their music in high school. Since then I’ve seen more shows than I care to count (or can remember) and I’ll argue til my death that they are the Rolling Stones/Beatles/Allman Brothers of my generation. Very few men were blessed with the voice that this son of a preacher man has and before his untimely death, Michael Houser and his guitar always evoked a deep sense of fascination and appreciation.

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“On the Road Again”

Every so often a random-gem-of-a-job pops up and my February trip to Wyoming was one of those occasions. Good buddy and colleague Kris Severson calls and says “Pack your bags, we’re going to Jackson Hole for five days”.

“Yessir”, I retort.

A week later I’m on a plane to Jackson for the the UM Summit, produced by Universal-McCann. www.umww.com. The creative (and super awesomely cool) agency is putting on a conference and workshop for their employees and clients. The folks at Universal McCann describe the summit as such “…a gathering of many of our partners in an effort to drive informative and inspiring discussions. Continue reading

“A little less conversation, a little more action”.

Landing in Las Vegas always fascinates me (flying out tends to be a bit more depressing). People really think they’re about to push a button, hear a clank and begin retirement.

Not so much, huh?

Instead, there’s silence, as smiles are replaced by frowns, splitting hangovers and a sense of wonderment as to “where all of my money went”. Been there, done that.  A few times.

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“Goin Out West”

Home from X, pack, sleep (kind of) and catch an 8am to San Jose. Six hours after leaving Aspen I’m sitting in a local Santa Cruz eatery with Tony Budding (Director of CrossFit Media House), Joe Novello (TV Supervising and Coordinating Producer) and Eric “ET” Thomas (Technical Supervisor, NEP) who enlightened me with the fact that a lot of business was done over meals…Fine by me.
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