“Goin Out West”

Home from X, pack, sleep (kind of) and catch an 8am to San Jose. Six hours after leaving Aspen I’m sitting in a local Santa Cruz eatery with Tony Budding (Director of CrossFit Media House), Joe Novello (TV Supervising and Coordinating Producer) and Eric “ET” Thomas (Technical Supervisor, NEP) who enlightened me with the fact that a lot of business was done over meals…Fine by me.

My intro to CrossFit culture involved getting grilled over ice tea and Cobb Salad; bring it on! (Apparently, there’s a lot of fitness involved as well.) The next morning, we had a wrap-up breakfast meeting (schedules really do rotate around food here. I’m going to fit in just fine), I went and dipped the old toes into the Pacific and then, I was on my way home. For a few hours, at least.


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