“A little less conversation, a little more action”.

Landing in Las Vegas always fascinates me (flying out tends to be a bit more depressing). People really think they’re about to push a button, hear a clank and begin retirement.

Not so much, huh?

Instead, there’s silence, as smiles are replaced by frowns, splitting hangovers and a sense of wonderment as to “where all of my money went”. Been there, done that.  A few times.

Being in Vegas on business, however, is a much different experience than the mandatory madness of a bachelor party excursion or the habitual silence from said slot machine. This time, I’m here to meet with Rocky Bester and the World Cup Of Archery folks.

Rocky and I have worked together on a few productions over the past two years, and I’m here to get a grasp on the Live Event Production; Mr. Bester will be relocating to Sochi soon, and may need my support on future Archery productions.

It’s pretty cool to watch the best archers in the world, because they just don’t miss. Be it a compound or a re-curved bow, these competitors are spot on, and matches come down to measurements of centimeters. Follow the action on www.archery.tv. Don’t be surprised if you can’t look away; These guys (and gals) are good.

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