photo by Scotty Glahn

What They Say

“Kutcher had to deliver. Fast. And make it look creative and professional. He rocked it.”

-Tom Scott
Founder, Nantucket Nectars
Founder, Plum TV
Executive Producer, Neistat Brothers (HBO)


“I started a television business in Aspen. I needed someone to run it, to manage a staff of 15-20, to handle production, marketing and sales, and to manage the relationship with the community. Kutcher stepped in and hit a homerun, it would not have worked without him. His never-say-die attitude, production expertise, and overall professionalism was the difference…I’d work with him anytime.”

-David Kuhn
Founder, Plum TV


“Kutcher was a great partner to have while I was CEO of Daily Candy. We worked with him on many occasions, sending our Editor at Large to Aspen to cover the Food and Wine festival and both he and his team were professional, detailed, and well organized. I can say without reservation that Plum TV Aspen was among the top stations we worked with, including the national markets.”

-Pete Sheinbaum
CEO, The Mandelbrot Project
Fmr CEO, Daily Candy, Inc.


“As a brand spokesperson and frequent television guest on national networks and stations across the country, I meet a lot of producers, directors and industry executives. Kutcher is the definition of a seasoned professional, and his graciousness, efficiency, smarts and know-how put him at the very top of my list of favorites. He makes everyone else feel like their jobs are easy, and makes it easy for others to shine. It is a delightful experience to work with him, and I learn something from him every time.”

-Dannielle Kyrillos
Editor At Large/Spokesperson
Daily Candy, Inc.


“Kutcher is a valuable director for us, approaching the job with thoughtfulness and insight. He asks the right questions, and makes the best decisions based on a comprehension of the goals. He’s a good leader, smart and decisive under pressure.”

-Kate Nelligan
Programming Producer
ESPN X Games and Global X


“Putting together the best team in the world is not easy. I needed a combination of creative ability, production experience, a strong work ethic and above all, someone with a love of Sport that could fit perfectly into an already established team. Kutcher did not disappoint. He was the perfect addition to the Vancouver 2010 Sport Production team and I hope to convince him to work many Olympic Games to come!”

-Christy Nicolay
Vice-President, Sport Production & Victory Ceremonies
Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games


“Kutcher worked for me as a producer during the 2010Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. His responsibilities included producing creative, informative and inspiring material for the Olympic Broadcast. Additionally, he was responsible for the complete technical scope including cable layout, camera packages and editing equipment. His ability to manage all this under extreme conditions was superb. He established an outstanding rapport with his team and senior producers and is highly respected by the people who work under his supervision. He is organized, thorough in his paperwork, and is always on time. His ability to get work done and inspire his staff to perform their best is extremely valuable asset. Kutcher has done an excellent job and I would highly recommend him for any opportunity that may come his way.”

-Kris Severson
Senior Producer
Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games


“I’m currently working on a weekly live/taped for television/web show featuring Aspen, Colorado. Kutcher is the Executive Producer and is basically in charge of everything. He is, by far, the strongest member of the team and has valuable production experience but his strongest asset is managing people. He leads by example and makes it easy (and fun) for his crew to produce the best product possible.”

-Aaron Bailey
Founder, Aspen Shines (iPhone App)
Brand Manager,


“I’ve worked with Kutcher at ESPN Winter X Games and am always at ease knowing he is my Programming Director. Great guy and a great worker, I would recommend him in a second.”

– Jeff Talosi
Venue Director, ESPN Winter X Games


“Throughout the seven weeks of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics myself and my team were tasked with providing top notch entertainment for the fans onsite at the competition venues day in and day out. Keeping material fresh and entertaining at 22°F has it’s challenges. Kutcher led his producing team to stellar performances by offering up a witty personality and creative solutions with the challenges at hand, yielding solid content day after day. Having someone with Kutcher’s technical knowledge in the field was reassuring and led to extremely professional and successful events. Anybody who has ever worked with Kutcher knows that it is a true pleasure and always an adventure with remarkable results. I strongly recommend you join him for the ride!”

– Marc Bick
Technical Manager, Vancouver 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games
Owner, X Tech Video Productions


“Kutcher excels in effective and positive communication. He focuses on core competencies and demonstrates strong personal effectiveness while successfully developing creative strategies. Kutcher makes decisions with confidence and keeps his crew focused on achieving goals”.
– George S. Bebetsos
Arab Games DOHA 2012
Venue Operations Manager


“He takes the brief, interprets it and then owns it … all with seemless and seamless effort. His knowledge of all aspects of production makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Killer, Unique, Theatrical, Calm, Helpful, Excellent, Refreshing … KUTCHER has it all.”
– Rocky Bester
Lead Producer, 2011 Doha Arab Games
Lead Producer, 2014 Sochi Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games


“‘Kutcher Miller’ what can I say, need I say more? well ok… he is on point and on it from start to finish, great professional attitude, knowledgeable and full of well thought out input for each situation and creative aspect of your shoot . Whether he is in 6 inches of water or 6 ft of snow with a camera or a line card in his hands he can and will deliver!”
– Jereb Carter
VP Of Production, All Phases Event Group
Producer Of Fun


“So, you wanna know about this Kutcher Miller character? Well, lemme tell ya a thing or three . . . Sure, he’s a consummate professional . . . that’s a given. Shows up on time. Has a strong work ethic. Knows the equipment and how to get the best out of it. A master at proper and flattering angles. A wizard in the editing room. He actually knows how to work an f-stop on a 35mm and what it’s even for. Has a great touch on a Hasselblad 6×6 mirror reflex, peering through the top. Hell, I’ve even seen him work a Matthew Brady box camera under that little curtain, holding the flash pan just so . . . In short, he delivers great product.

But . . . what you may not know is that he’s a damn good fellow to hang out with.

A good man to have a cold beer with and watch a football game in a dive bar in Yazoo City, Mississippi. A man equally at home in the Amazon rainforest or the Saharan Desert. A world traveler possessing a raconteurs’ storytelling wit, he’s an incredible guide not only of the worlds capitals and the tuxedo-ed set, but is also a denizen of the juke joints and honky tonks of the South. A decent cut man to have in your corner during a cage fight. Possesses a deep and thorough knowledge of the market value of a good camel, horse or elephant. A gifted shade tree mechanic. A dirt bike racer. An aficionado of good cigars, whom the locals of Havana greet by first name. A survivor of many Bonnaroo and Burning Man Festivals and a tradition at New Orleans Jazz Fest. A friend of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. Once wrestled a dog from the jaws of a crocodile – unscathed, dog & man. Has served on a NASCAR pit crew and crewed a sailboat in the America’s Cup. An exceptional skier – both snow & water. The 2007 1st place winner in the Tasmanian Cussing Contest. Delivered a human baby and stitched up a goat on the same day in the remote village of Guangxi on the Li River in China. A fabled tug boat captain, helicopter pilot & dog sled driver. Rescued himself from Indonesian pirates by out gambling and out drinking his captors, who to this day, gleefully recall his given tribal name -‘The Kutch’. Knows and navigates the labyrinth streets of Marseille or markets of Marrakesh as easily as the dirt roads of the Delta. A friend of the World, a stranger to none….. etc, etc, ad infinitum……you get the picture……

You don’t believe me? Well, come on down to the Delta. Have a cold beer with me. Shoot some pool. Let me tell ya a thing or three…..”

– George McConnell
Founding Member, Lead Guitarist and Vocals, Beanland
Former Lead Guitarist, Widespread Panic
Founder, Lead Guitarist and Vocals, George McConnell And The Non-Chalants